A Modern Way to Eat

by Anna Jones

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Recommended by

Louise Gray

Environmental journalist

This book just feels like it is of its time. I didn’t even know it was vegetarian when I bought it, I just loved the the simplicity and accessibility. Unlike some of the vegetarian cooking I grew up with, this is all exciting and fresh and zings with bright colours and flavours. It is vegetarian and seasonal and ethical and all the buzzwords right now but it doesn’t need to shout about it. It makes you appreciate the vegetables and see the potential in a potato rather than thinking the meat has to be the centre of the dish. In the future I think that will be the norm for most cooking.

Tom Herbert

Innovations Director, Hobbs House Bakery

We cook from this book a lot at home and Anna’s recipes are so good you won’t miss meat, I’ve 4 hungry kids that’ll attest to it. I’ve loved working with Anna over the years and the most impressive thing she’s said is that “with every mouth full you take, is a vote for your well being”. I’m stoked that my love of baking has in a small way rubbed off on Anna with her Never Superseeded Loaf recipe in this book, thank you Anna.

Saasha Celestial-One

Founder, Olio food sharing app

From one veggie Anna to the next. While Thomas paved the way for pioneering vegetarian cooking back in the day, Anna Jones is grabbing the baton and running with it into the modern age. Her book is crammed with plant-based, sustainably conscious recipes that will excite and inspire any vegan or vegetarian. Her recipes are also easy and accessible to execute, which is what I look for with my busy schedule.

Rowan Yapp


For me this is a seminal book in that it is vegetarian but there's no sense anything is missing. The package is great and I love the way it gives lots of substitute ingredients an alternative cooking suggestions for realistic and intuitive modern cooking. The depths of flavour are spot on for me.

Annabel Abbs

Novelist, cook and food blogger

When I decided to eat less meat, this book stepped into the breach. Who needs meat when vegetarian meals can taste (and look) so exciting?

Martyna Angell

Blogger, Wholesome Cook

Anna's philosophy is very close to mine and I absolutely adore her recipes with so much learning to be done as well.

Alison Lea-Wilson

Sea salt producer

A toss up between this one and A Modern Way to Eat. Beautiful to look at, stimulating to use and delicious to eat.

Lucy McDonald

Writer and broadcaster

I love this cookbook - it has transformed vegetarian food for me. Delicious recipes, beautifully laid out.

Tori Haschka

Author and writer

Jemma Wilson

Founder of Crumbs & Doilies and star of the YouTube channel, Cupcake Jemma

Uyen Luu

Author and chef

Uyen Luu

Author and chef

Issy Croker

Food photographer

Annica Wainwright

Food industry consultant

Frances Quinn

Food writer and television presenter

Jo Pratt

Food writer