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On The Menu: Seasonal Recipes for a Culinary Life

On The Menu: Seasonal Recipes for a Culinary Life

by James Mackenzie


The Pipe & Glass in Yorkshire is known in northern England and beyond for the way it combines the relaxed atmosphere of a country pub with cooking worthy of a Michelin star. Recipes include local dishes such as proper Yorkshire puddings (known as ‘popovers’ in the US) and Scarborough woof (a local fish) with clams.

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Michelin-starred chef James Mackenzie's award-winning cookbook demonstrates his outstanding take on Great British food at the Pipe & Glass Inn.

The debut book from Michelin-starred chef James Mackenzie at The Pipe & Glass Inn is an autobiographical cookbook with an inspirational collection of recipes.

The book is a comprehensive reference guide featuring an inspirational collection of over 70 recipes with step-by-step instructions revealing everything from how to create challenging dishes such as beer-braised oxtails with deep-fried oyster fritter to tomato, mozzarella & avocado salad to perfect chocolate brownies. The recipes are divided into 8 chapters: Cow, Pig, Sheep, Fish, Shellfish, Poultry & Game, Veg Patch & Afters.

Jason Lowe's photography brilliantly captures James' innovative food and this beautiful unspoilt part of Yorkshire throughout the seasons.

With a foreword by the BBC's Nigel Barden and photography by Jason Lowe.

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