By Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi

Original Publisher
Ebury Press
Date of publication

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Recommended by

Michelle Peters-Jones

Food writer

What can I say about this book that hasn't been said before? This is one of the best used books in my kitchen and I love that all of the recipes can be easily adapted to suit the tastes of my family. It's one of those cookbooks that is both inspirational and practical, in that it inspires your own twists on those classic recipes, but you can also follow the recipes as they are, if you're in a hurry or you just want a foolproof recipe that works every time. Shout outs for Plenty, Plenty More and Ottolenghi the Cookbook too.

Jenny Whitham and Margaret Carter

Specialist food producer

This book was given to Margaret by her daughter after a conversation with her eyes rolling to the back of her head in despair as we told her about this new chef we were working with, a chap called Otyo-Lenghi. 'OMG' she said 'I love eating at his restaurant and cooking his food' 'Really?' We said, 'is he famous?' If you don't watch TV it takes quite a while for new food trends to reach North Wales which is something that was quite apparent when we first started selling pâté here back in 1982.

Genevieve Taylor

Food writer and stylist

Another book that gives me really itchy feet. Not only is it full of interesting colourful recipes you get a real feel of a place and its often turbulent history. Its a reminder not only that food can be unifying but occasionally divisive too - who knew that hummus caused such arguments? I also love the photos, a gorgeous mix of tasty looking food and brilliant portraits of local people and places.

Sophie Tyrrell

Head chef, 69 Highbury Hill

Fabulous flavours very precisely worked out. Lots of ingredients and some recipes take a bit of time to prepare but it's worth it. When your taste buds need reviving cook from this book. We regularly eat Mejadra , Fish and caper kebabs with burnt aubergine and lemon pickle, lamb meatballs with barberries, braised Quail with apricots and slow cooked veal with prunes and leek (the family favourite).

Caroline Kenyon

Founder/Director of The Food Awards Company

I love the premise of this book which is about the huge coming together of different cultures in Jerusalem. It is visually stunning and one of those books where I am panting from one recipe to another wondering which one to cook first. That he is an Israeli Jew and his business partner an Israeli Arab beautifully exemplifies the unifying nature of food.

Johanna Mendelson Forman

Adjunct Professor in International Affairs

This beautiful cookbook contains some of the tastiest recipes reflecting the borderless nature of cuisine in the Middle East. Of all of Ottolenghi’s cookbooks, this volume has a depth of wisdom, a plethora of good and easy recipes, and a deep sense of place. It is my go-to for such dishes as chicken with clementines!

Sarah Chamberlain

Food writer

Everything I’ve made from this has been delicious, from the weeknight-friendly (chermoula aubergines with bulgur salad) to the dinner party showstoppers (lamb shawarma) to the sweet treats (the wonderful, wonderful spice cookies). If I were only allowed to have one Ottolenghi cookbook, it would be this one.

Ally-Jane Grossan

Food Blogger

Ottolenghi is the master of vegetables and this book is full of them. Grab some za'tar and sumac (there's a lot of them in this book) and cook your way through this fascinating regional cuisine. His essay on the politics and tradition of hummus is astonishing as is the recipe that follows.

Kate Young

Blogger and cookbook author

This book is a fascinating commentary on the power of food to unite cultures and people. Ottolenghi introduced me to so many things I had never tasted before, and changed the way I approach new ingredients. I turn to this book regularly, mostly for meat and salad inspiration during summer.

Rebecca Seal

Food and drink writer and TV presenter

Choosing between Yotam's books is like trying to choose between children - I love them all. This one perhaps inches ahead because (as the author of books which aspire to this style) I love cookbooks which are firmly rooted in the places that their recipes evolved in.

Graham Kerr

Cookbook author and TV chef (formerly "The Galloping Gourmet")

This is a cookbook I treasure. It completes the journey I began with Elizabeth David, Paula Wolfert and my own relatively brief visit. The very ‘real’ photography leaps off the page, you can almost taste it - if you need inspiration, here it is!

Karen Anderson

Writer and Blogger of Savour It All

Food could very well be the vehicle for world peace. It always shows us that we are more alike than different and that where there are differences; that's good too. I've stuffed myself with the ideas, stories and recipes from this book.

Richard McCarthy

Executive Director, Slow Food USA

As a student in London in the 1980s trying to decipher whether Chinese parsley and cilantro were the same things, Jaffrey’s book become my bible for Indian cooking. Still use it.

John Becker

Food publisher

This book encapsulates what is so vibrant about the food of this region. In a sense, this is an aspirational cookbook, but it's accessible enough for home cooks.

Beth Lee


Introduced the world to exciting flavors and spices of the region plus a multicultural fabric to their food of which many of us were not yet familiar

Ian Hemphill

Managing Director, Herbie’s Spices

This remains his best work to date. Every recipe we have made has worked and brings Middle Eastern cuisine to the world in an approachable manner.

Merry White

Food anthropologist

Non-stop wonderful. I have cooked my way through it with kudos at every recipe: flavor first, no matter how many substitutions I have to make.

Paul Gayler


The books of Ottolenghi are always ablaze with colour, diversity and tradition, Jerusalem is a tapestry of flavourful cuisines to explore.

Stephanie Jackson


My favourite of all of Yotam's books, for putting gorgeous food into its cultural context. And as a book geek, I love the package.

Lauraine Jacobs

Author and columnist

Totally inspiring with beautiful flavours. the photography truly captures the spirit of Jerusalem.

Fiona Beckett

Food and wine writer

Not only wonderful food but a testimony to the fact that food can bring communities together

Peter Gordon


Lovely history and tried and tested recipes, great insight into the city and its ways.

Marisa Leaf

Founder and co-CEO of Hubbub

Fantastic recipes, accompanied by fascinating anecdotes for context.

Rita Erlich

Food writer

A loving account of a city and its food, with modern flavours.

Ruth Van Waerebeek

International chef and author

Tasty, no-nonsense food, especially creative with vegetables

Ana Sortun

Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Oleana

Gorgeously designed and familiar but unfamiliar.

John Gregory-Smith


Brilliant book

Andrew Blake

Owner and chef, Blakes Feast

Bethany Kehdy

Cook, presenter and author

Jayne Cohen

Cookbook author and food journalist

Melissa Clark

Food Columnist, The New York Times

Candy Argondizza

ICC's Vice President of Culinary and Pastry Arts

Paula Disbrowe

Writer, recipe developer and cookbook author

Sudi Pigott

Food and travel writer

Will Beckett

Co-founder of Hawksmoor

Debbie Major

Food writer and food stylist

Joanne Weir

Chef, cookbook author and television personality

Karima Moyer-Nocchi

Food historian and writer

Romy Gill

Chef and owner of Romy's Kitchen

Kim Woodward

Head Chef of Gordon Ramsay Group’s Savoy Grill

Melissa Joulwan

Author and blogger, Well Fed

Somer Sivrioglu

Blogger, Chinese Grandma

Rodney Dunn

Co-Founder of The Agrarian Kitchen

Lee Brian Schrager

Vice President of Corporate Communications & National Events

Alexandra Stafford

Food writer and photographer

Jonah Straus

Founder and principal of Straus Literary

John Wilkins

Emeritus Professor

Tracey Ryder

Co-founder of Edible Communities

Sonia Cabano

Author, former chef & TV cook/presenter

Sim Ee Waun

Blogger and columnist

Clare Marriage

Chief Executive, Doves Farm Foods

Mina Holland

Author and Editor

Anna Hansen

Founding Director, Modern Pantry

Naomi Knill

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Helen Graves

Food and travel writer

Kim Musgrove

Senior Designer, Absolute Press

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Rachel Davies

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Jennifer Yong

Founder, Jenius Social