10 Ways With Eggplant

created by ckbk

The Solanun melongena goes by different names, eggplant, brinjal, aubergine, depending on where in the world you are; Asia, the UK, Australia or North America. While most often seen with a purple skin, you can also find varieties of white eggplant (or however you call it!) or purplish eggplant streaked with white. Their shape and size also varies depending on their variety. Some are long and thin, some are globe shaped and others oblong or shaped like a "comma." Their sponge-like interiors are perfect for absorbing flavor making them ideal for a variety of cooking methods. Try them sliced, marinated and grilled, cubed and added to a curry or roasted with a heary application of spice and olive oil and tossed with couscous or quinoa with plenty of fresh herbs. Or, go in a totally different direction, roast or grill whole until meltingly tender on the inside then blend the flesh into a wonderfully smooth and unctuous puree.