One Pot Wonders

The time-honoured notion of one pot cooking is still as popular today as it has ever been. And for good reason. Not only does it liberate the cook from the shackles of the washing up bowl (or at least from loading up the dishwasher!), but the real beauty of this method lies in how every drop of flavour is captured and retained within the cooking pot. We surveyed our selection of cookbooks for the best one pot wonders and rediscovered the joy of a paprika-spiked goulash laced with peppers from Anatolia and Paula Wolfert's tagine composed of lamb, okra and quince. Richly-flavored soups are perhaps the easiest and most successful iterations of single pot cooking and Joyce Goldstein's Hungarian creamy cauliflower soup and the hearty chicken soup from The New Kosher exemplify this approach.

The recipes you'll find amid this collection will keep you warm, cosy and well-nourished whilst bridging the transition from winter through to spring.

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