Ballontine of Foie Gras, York Ham and Garden Lovage with Yorkshire Relish, Duck Fat-Fried Bread


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Black Pudding & Foie Gras

By Andrew Pern

Published 2008

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This dish has lonely flavours and is a lot more luxurious than a coarse terrine or a pate. The strong overtones of garden lovage and aged York ham give the foie gras a test of character. Yorkshire relish is a kind of cross between a devilled sauce and HP, a fruit-based relish with bollocks!. Duck fried bread is a challenge in itself, but superb when lightly golden brown, so that it’s slightly juicy not soggy and saturated it’s very technical fried bread you know!


For the Ballontine

  • 1 lobe duck foie gras
  • 150 g ham lardons
  • 50 ml brandy
  • 50 ml sherry
  • 50 g lovage, small handful


    To make the ballontine, place the foie gras in a deep oven tray with the brandy, sherry, jus and York ham. Place in a moderate oven for 5-10 minutes to render the fat from the foie gras. Allow to cool slightly and remove the veins from the centre of the foie gras by sliding two fingers along the veins. Once free of veins, add the chopped lovage and mix all the liquid and foie gras together. Allow this mixture to cool slightly in the fridge so that it is firm enough to roll.

    To roll the ballontine, lay out three layers of cling film on top of each other and place an even amount of the mix in a line along the nearest edge to you. Now pick up the cling film and roll the film over the mixture to form a sausage, tie the ends to hold everything together. Lay this in a tray of cold water so that one side is not flattened.

    Yorkshire Relish

    For the relish, roughly chop the fruit and vegetables and place in a saucepan with the sugar and vinegar. Cook on a low heat for an hour. Once cooked, blitz in a food processor till smooth.


    Grill the bacon and slice into lardons, allow to cool slightly and add to the leaves with some croutons, shallot rings and dressing. For the fried bread, warm the duck fat in a frying pan, add the bread and fry till golden brown.

    To Assemble

    Slice the ballontine with a warm knife, place a small pile of the salad on the plate, a quenelle of the relish and the warm bread on the side, ballontine to the front.

    Harome Health Warning!!

    This dish could seriously damage your health.