Hard Candy


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  • Yield: Approximately

    250 Pieces

    • Difficulty


Appears in

Chocolates and Confections

By Peter Greweling

Published 2007

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Sugar 1150 g 41 oz 64%
Water 290 g 10 oz 16%
Glucose syrup 360 g 13 oz 20%
Cream of tartar (optional) ½ tsp ½ tsp <1%
Batch Size 1800 g 64 oz 100%
Coloring as needed
Citric acid as needed
Flavoring as needed


    To Cook the Batch

    1. Combine the sugar and water in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil while stirring.
    2. Add the glucose syrup and cream of tartar, if using. Cook to 156°C/313°F without stirring.
    3. Pour the mixture onto an oiled marble slab. Add the coloring and citric acid, if using.
    4. Turn occasionally as the batch cools to a plastic consistency. Add the flavoring and pull as desired.
    5. Jacket, form, and cut as desired.

    To stripe the candy

    1. Pour two pools of sugar onto an oiled marble slab: one 80 percent of the batch, the other 20 percent.
    2. Pull the larger pool until it is white.
    3. Add a strong dark red color to the smaller pool and pull very little, so as not to lighten the color.
    4. Keep both sugars warm under a warmer.
    5. Cut the white sugar into two pieces, one twice as big as the other. The larger piece will be the center of the candy; the smaller piece will be the white part of the jacket.
    6. Roll the center into a stump 20 cm/8 in long.
    7. Flatten the white jacket sugar into a ribbon 8 cm/3 in wide and 20 cm/8 in long.
    8. Fashion the red sugar into a narrow ribbon 25 mm/1 in wide and 20 cm/8 in long.
    9. Attach the red and white ribbons side by side.
    10. Pull the ribbon to double its length and cut it in half crosswise.
    11. Reattach the ribbon with alternating colors adjacent.
    12. Pull again to double its length and again cut it in half.
    13. Reattach the ribbon, joining the red to the red.
    14. Pull again to double its length and cut it in half once more.
    15. Reattach once again, white against white.
    16. Place the center onto the ribbon and wrap it to jacket. Seal the jacket tightly around the center.
    17. Pull the jacketed log into a rope of the desired diameter. Cut and shape it as desired to make canes, sticks, pillows, or lollipops.