Pecan Buttercrunch


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  • Yield:

    1700 g

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Chocolates and Confections

By Peter Greweling

Published 2007

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Butter, melted 450 g 16 oz 45%
Sugar 450 g 16 oz 45%
Water 90 g 3 oz 8%
Salt 1 tsp 1 tsp <1%
Vanilla extract 15 g 0.5 oz 2%
Batch Size 1005 g 35.5 oz 100%
Dark chocolate, melted, tempered, for coating 680 g 24 oz 32%
Pecans, toasted, chopped, salted, for finishing 450 g 16 oz 21%


  1. Combine the melted butter, sugar, water, and salt in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
  2. Cook over moderate heat to 146°C/295°F while stirring constantly.
  3. Remove from the heat and add the vanilla extract. Stir in well.
  4. Pour the mixture onto a silicone baking mat. Spread quickly to the edges before the toffee sets.
  5. Allow to cool completely. Blot the toffee with a towel to remove any excess oil from the surface.
  6. Coat one side of the toffee with half of the tempered dark chocolate and sprinkle with half of the toasted salted nuts immediately.
  7. When the chocolate sets, turn the toffee over and coat the other side.
  8. Break into pieces of the desired size.
  9. Store protected from heat and humidity.

Macadamia Coffee Toffee

Add 15 g/0.5 oz of coffee extract at 140°C/284°F. Coat toffee with melted, tempered milk chocolate and use toasted salted macadamias in place of the pecans.