Chocolate Nougat

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  • Yield: Approximately

    240 Pieces

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Chocolates and Confections

By Peter Greweling

Published 2007

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Sugar 40 g 2 oz 2%
Dried egg whites 10 g 0.5 oz <1%
Fresh egg whites 60 g 2 oz 3%
Sugar 470 g 17 oz 23%
Glucose syrup 140 g 5 oz 7%
Water 130 g 5 oz 6%
Vanilla bean, split and scraped 1 bean 1 bean
Honey 290 g 10 oz 15%
Dark chocolate, melted 100 g 3.5 oz 5%
Chocolate liquor, melted 100 g 3.5 oz 5%


Pistachios 200 g 7 oz 10%
Almonds, slivered, toasted 250 g 9 oz 12%
Dried cherries, quartered 250 g 9 oz 12%
Batch Size 2040 g 73.5 oz 100%
confectioners’ sugar, sifted as needed
Cocoa butter, melted, for sealing as needed
Dark chocolate, melted, tempered, for finishing as needed


  1. Mix the 40 g of sugar and dried egg whites together. Whisk into the fresh egg whites to hydrate. Pour into the bowl of a 5-qt planetary mixer with a whip attachment, but do not begin whipping.
  2. Prepare all inclusions. The nuts may be left whole or lightly chopped, as desired. Place the inclusions in a large stainless-steel bowl and keep warm in a 121°C/250°F oven until needed.
  3. Combine the 470 g of sugar, glucose syrup, water, and vanilla bean and its seeds in a saucepan and reserve.
  4. Cook the honey to 108°C/226°F. Begin whipping the whites on high speed. Continue cooking the honey to 120°C/248°F.
  5. When the honey reaches 120°C/248°F, immediately begin cooking the reserved sugar mixture on the highest heat.
  6. Pour the hot honey into the whipping whites. Continue whipping on high speed as the sugar mixture cooks.
  7. When the sugar mixture reaches 155°C/311°F, remove from the heat. Remove the vanilla bean and pour the mixture into the whites as rapidly as they will accept it without collapsing. Whip on high speed for 3½ more minutes.
  8. Add the melted dark chocolate and chocolate liquor. Whip until smooth, about 30 seconds.
  9. Remove the bowl of inclusions from the warm oven and scrape the hot nougat into it. Using a wooden spoon or a gloved hand, mix the inclusions into the nougat.
  10. On a table dusted with sifted confectioners’ sugar, form the nougat into a slab 25 mm/1 in thick. (It will be approximately 20 × 30 cm/8 × 12 in.) Allow to cool to room temperature.
  11. Using a serrated knife or chef’s knife, trim the edges of the slab, then cut the slab crosswise into strips 6 mm/¼ in wide. Lay the strips flat.
  12. Lightly brush the tops of the strips with melted cocoa butter to seal them.
  13. Cut pieces 4 cm/ in from each strip.
  14. Dip each piece up to the top face in the tempered dark chocolate.