Cocomel Bars


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Chocolates and Confections

By Peter Greweling

Published 2007

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Sugar 680 g 24 oz 30%
Evaporated milk 680 g 24 oz 30%
Heavy cream 280 g 10 oz 13%
Vanilla bean, split and scraped 1 bean 1 bean
Glucose syrup 570 g 20 oz 26%
Butter 40 g 1 oz 1%
Salt 1 tsp 1 tsp <1%
Batch Size 2250 g 79 oz 100%

Coconut Filling

Water 100 g 4 oz 6%
Invert sugar 100 g 4 oz 6%
Salt 2 tsp 2 tsp <1%
Desiccated coconut 600 g 21 oz 30%
Glucose syrup 560 g 20 oz 28%
Sugar 320 g 11 oz 15%
Water 220 g 8 oz 11%
Frappe 80 g 3 oz 4%
Batch Size 1980 g 71 oz 100%
Dark chocolate, melted, tempered, for precoating and enrobing as needed
Shredded coconut, for finishing as needed


To Make the Caramel

  1. Combine the 680 g of sugar, evaporated milk, cream, and vanilla bean and its seeds in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
  2. Add the 570 g of glucose syrup and continue cooking over medium heat, while stirring, until the mixture reaches 110°C/230°F. Add the butter.
  3. Cook while stirring until the mixture reaches 115°C/239°F (see Note). Add the 1 tsp of salt, remove from the heat, remove the vanilla bean, and pour the caramel into a frame 16 × 24 × ¼ in set on oiled parchment paper. Allow to cool to room temperature.
  4. Place another frame 16 × 24 × ¼ in on top of the one containing the caramel.

To Make the Coconut Filling

  1. Combine the 100 g of water, invert sugar, and 2 tsp of salt in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Pour the mixture over the coconut and allow to hydrate for 30 minutes.
  2. Combine the 560 g of glucose syrup, sugar, and 220 g of water in a saucepan and cook to 112°C/234°F. Mix half the coconut with the sugar mixture. Combine well.
  3. Add the frappe to the coconut-sugar mixture and mix well. (If the frappe has been in storage, warming it slightly makes this step easier.)
  4. Add the remaining half of the coconut. Mix until homogeneous. Allow to cool to room temperature.
  5. Spread the mixture into the frame on top of the caramel. Place a piece of oiled parchment on top, and use a rolling pin to smooth the coconut filling. Cool to room temperature.

To Complete the Cocomel Bars

  1. Precoat the caramel side of the slab with the tempered dark chocolate.
  2. Cut into bars 19 mm × 8 cm/¾ × 3 in. Enrobe in the tempered dark chocolate. Before the chocolate sets, use a 3-prong dipping fork to make diagonal waves on each bar. Garnish with shredded coconut.