36 Sauce Chaud-froid Brune

Brown Chaud-froid Sauce


  • dl (1⅓ pt or U.S. cups) Sauce Demi-glace
  • 1 dl ( fl oz or ½ U.S. cup) truffle essence
  • ½ dl (2 fl oz or ¼ U.S. cup) Madeira or Port wine
  • 7 dl ( pt or 3 U.S. cups) ordinary aspic jelly



Place the Demi-glace and truffle essence in a pan and reduce quickly stirring with a metal spatula and adding the jelly a little at a time until the total quantity of all the ingredients is reduced by one-third.

Correct the seasoning and check that the consistency of the Chaud-froid is correct for its uses. Finish with the wine and pass through a fine strainer then stir the Chaud-froid until it reaches the right stage for coating the items for which it is required.