82 Sauce Zingara


This sauce may be made in either of the following ways:

  1. Place dl (9 fl oz or 1⅛ U.S. cups) vinegar in a pan with tbs finely chopped shallot and reduce by half. Moisten with 7 dl ( pt or 3 U.S. cups) Brown Stock and add 160 g ( oz) breadcrumbs fried in butter; simmer gently for 5–6 minutes and finish with 1 tbs chopped parsley and the juice of half a lemon.
  2. Place dl (5 fl oz or U.S. cup) each of white wine and mushroom cooking liquor in a pan and reduce by two-thirds. Add 4 dl (14 fl oz or U.S. cups) Sauce Demi-glace, dl (9 fl oz or 1⅛ U.S. cups) Tomato Sauce and 1 dl ( fl oz or ½ U.S. cup) white stock; simmer gently and skim carefully for 56 minutes. Season with a little Cayenne pepper and finish with a Julienne comprising 70 g ( oz) lean cooked ham and salted ox tongue, 50 g (2 oz) mushrooms and 30 g (1 oz) truffle.

These sauces are specially suitable for serving with entrées of veal and poultry.