883 Potage Minestra

Minestrone (Italy)


Finely chop 60 g (2 oz) fresh belly of pork and mix with 40 g ( oz) scraped fat pork. Place in a thick-bottomed pan to heat and melt it; add 60 g (2 oz) chopped onion, 150 g (5 oz) shredded white of leek and cook together until lightly coloured.

Moisten with litres (3 pt or U.S. cups) lightly flavoured White Bouillon—or water, in which case add 15 g (¼ oz) salt. Add 60 g (2 oz) each of carrot and turnip, 30 g (1 oz) celery, 100 g ( oz) potato—all cut into Paysanne or large Brunoise; 100 g ( oz) shredded heart of cabbage and the roughly chopped flesh only of 2 tomatoes.

Bring to the boil, simmer gently and after approximately 25 minutes add 150 g (5 oz) fresh peas, 40 g ( oz) French beans cut in small pieces and 100 g ( oz) rice or spaghetti broken into small pieces. From now on allow the soup to cook very, very gently for 1 hour.

At the last moment add 6 g (⅕ oz) crushed garlic and a pinch each of basil and chervil chopped together with 15 g (½ oz) scraped pork fat.