1208 Pâtés Mazarin, or Petits Pâtés au Jus


Prepare the required number of small fluted Croustades from short paste and cooked to a light colour.

Roll out a sheet of puff paste trimmings ½ cm ( in) thick and cut the required number of lids the same size as the Croustades using a 6–7 cm (2½–2¾ in) fancy cutter. Eggwash the lids, place a small round decorated piece of puff pastry on each; place on a moistened baking tray and bake in a moderate oven.

Fill the Croustades with a dice of Godiveau Quenelles, mushrooms, lambssweetbreads and truffle mixed with slightly thin Sauce Demi-glace.

To Serve

Arrange on serviettes and cover them with the prepared lids.