1290 Oeufs sur le Plat

Eggs Cooked in the Dish


Eggs cooked by this method have the particular quality as to be found in poached eggs where the degree of cooking is all important. Their correct preparation depends on the 3 following points:

  1. The cooking of the white to where it becomes milky in appearance but yet is still soft,
  2. the glistening appearance of the yolk which must also be soft, and
  3. careful attention to prevent the egg sticking to the bottom of the dish.

Method of Preparation

Heat approximately 7 g (¼ oz) butter in the dish so as to cover the bottom; break in 2 eggs ensuring that they are very fresh, pour the same amount of melted butter over the yolks, season with a pinch of salt and place to cook in a fairly hot oven for a few minutes. Remove and serve as soon as the whites become milky in appearance and the yolks are glistening but still soft.

Care should be taken that they are not left too long in the oven as a few seconds more than necessary is sufficient to ruin its quality. It should also be remembered that the dishes used for this method hold the heat for a considerable time and the eggs will continue cooking for a short while after removing them from the oven.

The most important point to be remembered is that Oeufs sur le Plat should be served immediately they are ready.