2749 Sauté de Veau Marengo


Season and shallow fry the pieces of veal in very hot oil until well coloured on all sides; add 120 g (4 oz) chopped onion and a small clove of crushed garlic. When well coloured together, drain off the oil and add 2 dl (7 fl oz or U.S. cup) white wine and reduce. Moisten with 1 litre ( pt or U.S. cups) Brown Stock; add 1 kg ( lb) of peeled, depipped and roughly chopped tomatoes or dl (1⅓ pt or U.S. cups) Tomato Sauce, and a Bouquet garni. Cook gently for 1½ hours in the oven.

Remove the pieces of veal and place in a clean pan with 20 button onions cooked in butter, 20 button mushrooms and 2 pinches of roughly chopped parsley. Reduce the sauce by one-third and pass it through a fine strainer over the veal and garnish and simmer together for 15 minutes. Remove any oil at the last moment and place in a deep dish or timbale for service; surround with small heart-shaped Croutons of bread fried in oil or clarified butter.