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Poach the ham in water, drain it well and allow it to half cool. Remove the skin, trim it all over and glaze it.

Prepare a large sheet of Pie Paste or Hot Water Paste and place the ham in the centre glazed side down. Draw the edges of the paste over the ham so as to completely enclose it and seal the edges together carefully. Turn the ham over so that the joins are underneath and place on a baking tray. Brush with beaten egg, decorate by lightly scoring the surface with a small knife and make a hole in the centre to allow the steam to escape.

Place in a hot oven and bake carefully until the pastry becomes very dry and well coloured.

On removing the ham from the oven, pour 2 dl (7 fl oz or U.S. cup) of Port or Sherry into the interior through the hole in the pastry, then close up the hole with a small piece of paste.

Place on a suitable dish and serve accompanied with a light Port Wine flavoured meat glaze, well buttered at the last moment.