2976 Oreilles de Porc à la Rouennaise


Cook the pig’s ears as described. When ready, cut each ear in half keeping the thick parts separate from the flat parts. Chop the thick parts, cut the flat parts into pieces. Place all together in a pan with dl (5 fl oz or U.S. cup) Sauce Madère and stew together very gently for 30 minutes. Allow to cool.

Remove the pieces of ear only and place on one side. Add 350 g (13 oz) of pork sausage meat for each ear to the remaining chopped ear and Madeira plus a pinch of chopped parsley and mix together well. Divide this into pieces of 100 g ( oz) each then roll them into balls. Push one of the reserved pieces of ear into the centre of each ball; wrap in a piece of pig’s caul, sprinkle with butter and grill gently.

When three-quarters cooked, sprinkle with white breadcrumbs and finish cooking to a golden brown.

Serve accompanied with Sauce Madère.