3362 Poularde Parisienne


Bone out the inside of the pullet then stuff it with chicken forcemeat; truss en Entrée, poach it in chicken stock and allow to cool in the cooking liquid.

When very cold, remove the breasts. Take out the forcemeat, cut in dice and add to a chicken Mousse mixture. Use this Mousse to fill the carcase and re-form the bird to its original shape, then coat it with white Sauce Chaud-froid.

Cut the breasts into slices and also coat with Chaud-froid; decorate these as well as the legs on the bird with truffle. Place the slices back on the bird and glaze the whole with aspic jelly.

Place the finished pullet on a low base set on a dish and surround with small timbales of Macedoine of vegetables bound with jelly and moulded in dariole moulds.

Border the dish with neat shapes of jelly.