3365 Poularde Saint-Cyr


Poêlé the pullet with white wine and allow it to cool in the cooking liquid. Remove the breasts, discard the skin and cut them into even shape slices; coat with white Sauce Chaud-froid and decorate with truffle.

Meanwhile, saute 15 larks together with a Mirepoix, then remove the breasts from the 6 best ones; coat these with brown Sauce Chaud-froid, decorate with cooked egg white and glaze with jelly.

Use the other larks and 150 g (5 oz) of foie gras to make a cold Mousse and use it to reshape the chicken as explained in the previous recipe. Coat with brown Sauce Chaud-froid and when set, arrange the prepared slices of chicken on either side of the mousse; place the larks breasts slightly overlapping down the centre.

Place the pullet thus prepared in a deep rectangular dish and surround with cool melted aspic jelly. When set, present the dish on a block of sculpted ice.