3369 Ailerons de Poulet Lady Wilmer


Poach 3 nice plump spring chickens for just sufficient time to cook the breasts. Allow to cool, remove the breasts leaving the winglet bones attached; trim these clear of any flesh. Discard the skins and coat the breasts with a little aspic jelly.

Prepare a Mousse with 3 of the legs from the chickens and mould it in a dome-shaped mould. When this Mousse is set, demould it on to a dish and surround with the prepared breasts, fixing them with a little almost setting jelly to the Mousse, with their points upwards.

Cover the Mousse on top and the gaps between the breasts with chopped truffle and red ox tongue, arranged alternately. In the centre of the Mousse stick a small decorative silver skewer garnished with a nice glazed truffle.