3434 Medaillons de Pigeonneaux Laurette


Bone out the young pigeons and fill them with nice smooth Gratin Forcemeat A containing diced red ox tongue, truffle and freshly skinned pistachio nuts. Roll up in the shape of nice round galantines of equal thickness; wrap and tie each in a piece of muslin and poach them in stock; allow to cool.

When cold, cut into 1½ cm (⅗ in) thick rounds and coat with a fairly thin brown Sauce Chaud-froid; decorate each of these Medaillons with a rose-shape of halves of pistachio nuts with a small point of cooked eggwhite in its centre. Glaze with aspic jelly.

Arrange some chopped aspic jelly dome shape in the centre of a round dish and surround with the prepared Medaillons.