3574 Pâté chaud de Lièvre Saint-Estèphe


Cover the bottom and sides of a buttered Charlotte mould with a layer of ordinary short paste, then cover this with a thick layer of forcemeat of hare with panada and butter. Cut fillets from along the back of the hare into fairly long thickish slices, lightly flatten them, quickly stiffen in hot butter then roll them in a little melted Game Glaze.

Allow the slices to cool then press them, standing upright, against the lining of forcemeat in the mould. Completely cover the forcemeat with these slices then fill with more of the slices. Cover with a few spoonfuls of Sauce Salmis au Vin Rouge made with a stock prepared from the hare carcase. Cover the pâté with a layer of the same forcemeat then close it up with a layer of short paste. Seal the edges well, make a small opening in the centre and cook for 1¼ hours in a moderate oven.

Demould the pâté on to a dish as soon as it is removed from the oven and serve accompanied with the remaining Sauce Salmis.