3778 Pâté d’Anguille

Eel Pie


Skin the eel, fillet it and cut into thin slices. Stiffen in butter with chopped shallot, chopped raw mushrooms and chopped parsley; allow to cool.

Line a buttered oblong mould with short paste, coat this with a layer of fish forcemeat then fill the mould with alternate layers of the prepared eel and forcemeat.

Cover with a sheet of the same paste, sealing it well to the moistened edges; pinch the edges to decorate and cover with leaves of paste arranged overlapping from the edges to the centre. Add one or two round fancy shapes of paste and make a hole in the centre of them to allow the steam to escape; brush with eggwash and bake in a hot oven allowing 30 minutes per 1 kg ( lb) of pie.