3780 Pâté de Soles

Sole Pie


Place 24 fillets of sole in cold water for 1 hour to whiten them; drain, dry and flatten them slightly.

Place 6 of the fillets next to each other and coat them with a layer of pike forcemeat. Moisten the surface with egg white and place a small cylinder-shaped piece of truffle 1 cm ( in) in diameter at the tail end of each fillet touching one another. Roll up the 6 fillets in one single piece the shape of a long sausage. Repeat this operation with the rest of the fillets.

Line a buttered oblong mould with short paste, coat the bottom and sides with pike forcemeat containing raw lobster coral; lay two of the rolled lengths of sole on top; cover with forcemeat, add some medium-sized truffles, another layer of forcemeat, then the other two rolls of sole and finish with more of the forcemeat. The arrangement should be such that when the pie is cut the truffles will be in the centre surrounded by the fillets of sole. Cover the pie with short paste, decorate as for Eel Pie, eggwash and bake in a hot oven allowing 30 minutes per 1 kg ( lb) of pie.

When the pie is cold, fill it with Fish Aspic Jelly.