3967 Artichauts Stanley


Trim 20 small tender artichokes or the same number of artichoke bottoms. Place them in a well buttered shallow pan on a layer of 2 large sliced and blanched onions and 150 g (5 oz) sliced raw ham. Cover the pan and allow the artichokes to cook in their own juices for a short while; moisten with dl (5 fl oz or U.S. cup) white wine, allow to reduce then barely cover with very thin Sauce Béchamel.

Cook until tender then arrange the artichokes in a vegetable dish.

Reduce the sauce, add dl (9 fl oz or 1⅛ U.S. cups) cream, pass firmly through a sieve and finish with plenty of butter. Pour this over the artichokes and sprinkle with very lean ham cut in small dice.