3975 Quartiers d’Artichauts à l’Italienne


Trim some medium-sized globe artichokes and cut them into quarters. Trim the quarters, removing the chokes, then rub with a piece of lemon to prevent them discolouring and place in cold water as each is finished.

Blanch them, drain and arrange on a layer of vegetables and herbs in a braising pan; cover and stew them in their own juices for 7–8 minutes. Moisten with white wine, reduce it, then moisten half-way up with Brown Stock. Cover and cook in the oven gently until the artichokes are tender.

To serve: arrange the quarters of artichoke in a vegetable dish; remove the fat and pass the cooking liquid through a fine strainer. Reduce it, then add it to some Sauce Italienne; pour this over the artichokes and sprinkle with chopped parsley.