4038 Timbale de Morilles Châtelaine


Take 1 kg ( lb) morels, place 8 large ones aside and make 100 g oz) of the stalks into a Duxelles.

Cook the remainder in the usual manner, drain them well and add to 4 dl (14 fl oz or U.S. cups) reduced Sauce Béchamel.

Butter a shallow round mould, decorate with shapes of truffle then coat the bottom and sides with a fairly thick layer of Godiveau containing chopped raw truffle and mushrooms.

Fill the mould with the morels and sauce, cover with a layer of Godiveau and cook in the oven au Bain-marie for 50–55 minutes.

Meanwhile cut the 8 large morels in half, stuff them with the prepared Duxelles to which has been added a little chopped parsley and 2 chopped hard-boiled egg yolks. Sprinkle them with dry white breadcrumbs and butter and gratinate.

When the mould is cooked, turn out on to a round dish and surround with the stuffed morels.