4587 Charlotte à l’Arlequine


Place a round piece of white paper in the bottom of a Charlotte mould; line the sides with finger-shaped pieces of Genoise glazed with pink, white and green pistachio coloured fondant, arranging them alternately and placing them very closely together with their glazed sides to the mould. Meanwhile, prepare four different Bavarois mixtures—strawberry, chocolate, pistachio and apricot—and set them in flan rings placed on oiled sheets of paper. When set, cut them into cubes and mix them into some slightly liquid ordinary cream Bavarois mixture. Pour this into the prepared mould and allow to set in the refrigerator.

When about to serve the Charlotte, demould it on to a dish, remove the piece of paper and replace it with a thin round piece of Genoise previously glazed with fondant and decorated with crystallized fruits.