4621 Pouding Reine des Fées or Crème Reine des Fées


Make 4 egg whites into Italian meringue adding 250 g (9 oz) quince jelly to the sugar whilst it is cooking; finish the meringue by adding 50 g (2 oz) of diced crystallized fruit previously macerated with Kirsch and carefully drained. Pipe the meringue in the form of large button shapes on a sheet of paper just large enough to fit into a pan.

Pour 4 litres (1 pt or U.S. pt) water into this pan and add 1 kg ( lb) sugar and dl (5 fl oz or U.S. cup) Kirsch. Bring to the boil then slide in the sheet of paper and withdraw it as soon as the meringue buttons have detached themselves.

Allow the meringues to poach then drain them on a cloth and allow to cool.

Separately prepare two different Bavarois mixtures—one left white and flavoured with vanilla, the other coloured pink and flavoured with Curasao. In both cases the mixtures should be finished with twice the usual amount of whipped cream; only half the usual amount of gelatine should be used.

Arrange the two Bavarois in alternate even layers in a lightly oiled Madeleine mould, placing some of the meringues between each layer. When full, cover with a piece of paper and the lid and chill in ice for 2 hours. Demould when required on to a serviette placed on a dish.