4646 Fraises Monte-Carlo


Select some nice strawberries, place them in a timbale and sprinkle with caster sugar and white Curaçao; keep in the refrigerator. With some other strawberries of poorer quality prepare a purée and mix this together with a third its quantity of vanilla-flavoured Crème Chantilly.

Have prepared in advance 1) a well-chilled Curaçao-flavoured Mousse moulded in a dome-shaped mould; 2) for each guest, one meringue shell surrounded with some spun sugar to give it the shape of a small nest.

To serve

Demould the Mousse on to an oval dish; place the nests at both ends. Fill each nest with a tablespoon of purée of strawberries mixed with cream, and place three or four strawberries macerated with Curaçao on top.

Coat the Mousse with some of the same strawberry purée and cover with a veil of spun sugar. Finish by sprinkling the veil of sugar with crystallized violets.