4909 Iced Fruit Soufflé Mixture


Whisk 10 egg whites until stiff then whisk in 500 g (1 lb 2 oz) sugar cooked to the soft crack stage. Place in a basin and allow to become cold then mix in 5 dl (18. or U.S. cups) each of fruit purée and stiffly whipped cream.

The Moulding of Large and Small Iced Soufflés: Large soufflés are moulded in ordinary soufflé moulds which have a band of stiff paper tied around the outside coming 2–3 cm (1 in) above the edge of the dish so that when the mixture is set and the paper removed it gives the impression of a risen soufflé.

Individual soufflés are moulded in paper cases or in small silver dishes also surrounded with a band of paper to bring the mixture up above the edge of the dish.

Immediately they are filled the dishes are placed to freeze.

When required for serving, carefully peel away the band of paper which has now served its purpose. Arrange the soufflé or soufflés on a serviette on a dish or on a sculpted block of ice.

Iced soufflés may be varied in the same way as Bombes and Biscuits Glacés.