4961 Sandwiches


There are two main kinds of sandwiches, those made with ordinary bread and those made with toast.

Ordinary sandwiches are made by spreading thin slices of bread with butter containing seasoning and made mustard then filling them with thinly sliced ham or tongue.

The usual shape is rectangular, approximately 8 cm ( in) × 4 cm ( in) but for buffets they should be only half this size and it is advisable to use finely chopped fillings made of equal amounts of the main ingredients and seasoned butter flavoured with mustard. When sandwiches are made in advance they should be kept pressed between the crusts of the loaf so as to prevent them drying and the corners turning up.

Sandwiches can also be made by toasting thick slices of bread, cutting them through horizontally then filling them to choice in the usual way.

The most common fillings for sandwiches are, ham, tongue, beef, pressed beef, chicken, foie gras, egg, caviare, tomato, cucumber, mustard and cress, and watercress.

In his book La Cuisine Anglaise, M. Suzanne indicated the type of sandwich which follows and which merits inclusion here.