Ice for Catherine Basket


Take four large raw ripe sliced tomatoes, four peeled and pounded bananas, two tablespoonfuls of apricot jam, the finely-cut peel of four lemons, three ounces of castor sugar, one split pod of vanilla, and half a pint of water. Boil together till’ into a pulp, then mix with one pint of unsweetened custard (‘Book of Ices,’ pages 6 and 7) and the juice of four lemons; colour with a saltspoonful of Marshall’s Apricot Yellow and about a teaspoonful of Marshall’s Liquid Carmine. Rub all through a tammy or fine hair sieve, and when cold freeze it in the charged freezer to the thickness of a batter; add to it half a pint of stiffly-whipped cream and one and a half wineglassfuls of Silver Rays (white) rum. Refreeze quite dry and use as instructed.