Cheddar-Type (2)


Heat milk (a mixture of evening and morning gathered is best) to 90°F. Add rennet1 teaspoon to 3gallons milk—diluted with 3 times its own amount of cold water. Deep stir for 2 minutes, then top stir until set, to keep the cream from rising. Leave about 50 minutes, then cut with a carving knife into small cubes (¼–½ inch). Stir gently for 1 hour, gradually raising the temperature to 106°F. by dipping off some whey, heating this to 120°F., and putting it back on to the curd. Repeat this 3 or 4 times, until the whole is 106°F. Then gently pour off the whey, crumble up the curd and add 1 oz. salt to every 2gallons milk. Put into a coarse cloth in the mould with cover and weight. In the evening turn into a piece of muslin and put back into the mould and press again. The next day take the cheese out and grease it. Bandage and put on a shelf to ripen. Turn daily until ready for use. It can be eaten at 3–4 weeks old.