732 Mutton, like chamois

Baranina na podobie serny


  • a hind quarter of mutton
  • vinegar
  • ½ spoon allspice
  • 5–6 spoons juniper berries
  • 10 bay leaves
  • ½ lb smoked pork fat
  • 2 spoons butter
  • ½ glass sour cream


Hang a hind quarter of mutton in the cold cellar for 3–4 days, then trim off the fat and membranes. Boil together ¾ glasses each vinegar and beer with peppercorns, bay leaves, and 5–6 spoons of crushed juniper berries. Pour the hot liquid over the mutton and marinate for 5 days, each day turning the meat. Then, wash the meat in clean water and lard it with ½ lb of smoked pork fat. Fry the mutton on a dripping pan, pouring on 2 spoons of butter. When the meat is almost cooked, cover with sour cream and cook until the sour cream turns golden. Transfer the mutton to a platter, slice, and cover with the strained sauce.