793a Spit-roasted capon or fattened fowl, another way

Kaplun ili puljarka zharenye na vertele drugim manerom


  • capon or fattened fowl
  • ½ lb butter
  • ½ glass flour
  • 2–3 rusks


Clean the fowl and attach it to the spit. Baste with butter and roast the bird before the fire, gently turning the spit, for 45 minutes before serving. When the bird begins to brown, lightly sieve flour onto the bird, using a small tea strainer. Drizzle with butter and continue cooking. After five minutes, flour the bird again and drizzle on more butter. Then strew with grated bread crumbs and let brown. Finally, detach from the spit and remove the threads. Transfer to a platter, pouring on the juices. Serve with fresh or marinated salad, or with cherry purée.