820 Chickens with green peas

Tsypljata s zelenym gorokhom


  • 3 chickens
  • 5 glasses freshly shelled peas
  • 2–3 pieces sugar
  • ½ spoon flour
  • ½ glass cream
  • 1 egg
  • 4–5 rusks
  • 2 spoons butter


Clean and halve or quarter 3 chickens. Place the chicken in a stewpan, cover with water, and add salt, 5 glasses freshly shelled green peas, and ½ spoon butter. Cook until done, then remove the chicken pieces. Add to the peas 2–3 pieces of sugar, ½ spoon flour, and finely chopped parsley and dill and cook, covered with a lid. ½ glass cream may also be added. Boil until the peas are tender and the sauce has reached the desired thickness. Alternatively, the chickens may be dipped in egg and rusk crumbs and fried. Serve garnished with the peas.*

*lf these directions are followed exactly, the peas would be cooked long before the chicken. Either the strain of peas available in nineteenth-century Russia was much tougher than our own, or perhaps Molokhovets simply preferred mushy peas. Molokhovets gives no indication of the time required for cooking peas in the vegetable chapter, but in general vegetables were cooked longer then than now.