1020 Crayfish with Smolensk kasha in sauce

Raki so smolenskoju krupoju pod sousom


  • 60 crayfish
  • 1 glass Smolensk kasha
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 spoon butter
  • spoons crayfish butter
  • glasses sour cream
  • 1 piece sugar
  • nutmeg
  • ½ glass flour
  • parsley and dill


Rub 1 glass of Smolensk kasha with an egg and let the kasha dry thoroughly. Bring to a boil glasses water and 1 spoon butter and stir in the kasha briskly. Add finely chopped parsley and dill, some nutmeg, and 1 piece sugar. Cover the pan with a lid and bake briefly in the oven. Cool and beat an egg into the kasha before stuffing the crayfish shells, which of course, have first been cooked in salted water with dill.

Arrange the stuffed crayfish in a stewpan, interlayering the tails and claws. Pour on the following sauce:

Fry spoons flour in spoons crayfish butter and dilute with 2–3 glasses of bouillon and glasses of very fresh sour cream. Add dill and a little nutmeg; mix and pour over the crayfish. Cover the saucepan and cook on top of the stove for ½ hour.