1156 Pancake pudding

Puding iz blinov


For the pancakes

  • 3 glasses milk
  • 2 glasses, or lb, flour
  • 2–4 eggs
  • 2 spoons butter

[For the pudding]

  • ½ glass syrup
  • 2 glasses cream
  • 4–5 eggs
  • ½ glass sugar


Prepare pancakes. After beating the egg whites [and folding them into the batter], fry the pancakes on both sides. Spread each one with any kind of syrup, roll into a tube, and cut into 3–4 pieces.

Grease a saucepan with butter, sprinkle with rusk crumbs, and arrange the pieces of pancake in the pan. Stir together 2 glasses cream, 4 egg yolks, and ¼ lb sugar. Fold in 4 beaten egg whites, pour the mixture over the pancakes, and bake in an oven that is not too hot.