1177 Cold rice with fresh or sour cream

Ris kholodnyj so slivkami ili smetanoju


  • 1 glass rice
  • ¾ glass sugar
  • orange rind, cloves,* or vanilla
  • 1 glass sour cream or very thick sweet cream
  • jam


Boil fluffy rice as indicated. Mix with ½ glass sugar and cinnamon, vanilla, or preserved orange rind. Grease a mold with olive oil or moisten it with cold water, then strew the interior with coarse sugar. Transfer the rice to the mold and cool. To serve, turn out onto a platter and cover with whipped sweet cream or fresh sour cream mixed with sugar and cinnamon,* vanilla, or lemon zest. Decorate the top with raspberry or cherry jam. Instead of molding, this rice may be arranged in a ring around a platter. Fill the center with whipped cream or sour cream and pour jam or syrup over it all.

*In the body of the original recipe Molokhovets called for cinnamon, but in the ingredients cloves.