1249 Round loaf of crêpes with rice and bone marrow

Karavaj iz blinchikov s risom i mozgami


For the crêpes

  • 2 eggs
  • 3 glasses milk
  • 2 glasses flour
  • ¼–½ lb butter
  • 2–3 rusks

For the filling

  • glass rice
  • ½ glass currants
  • ½ lb bone marrow
  • (sugar, or ingredients for brown sauce)


Prepare Crêpes. Tie up glasses rice in a cloth and boil in salted water until half-cooked so the grains remain separate. Choose a saucepan the same size as the crêpes, butter the pan, and strew it with rusk crumbs. Stack the finished crêpes in the pan, covering each one with some rice, a few small pieces of bone marrow (mozgi iz kostej), and some currants. Cover with the saucepan lid and bake. Serve separately sugar or brown sauce.