• glasses, or 1 lb, buckwheat flour
  • 3–4 spoons yeast
  • glasses, or ½ lb, wheat flour
  • 2 glasses milk
  • salt
  • [1 extra glass buckwheat flour]
  • (3 eggs and lb butter)
  • ½–1 glass butter to fry the pancakes

Serve separately

  • butter
  • caviar
  • sour cream


Prepare a batter from glasses wheat flour, 2 ½ glasses buckwheat flour, glasses warm water, and 3–4 spoons yeast. After it has risen, sprinkle on 1 glass buckwheat flour and let the batter rise. When the stove is lit, an hour before cooking, pour 2 glasses boiling milk onto the batter all at once and mix until smooth. When it cools, add salt. (2–3 eggs and lb butter may be added also.) Let the batter rise and, without stirring further, fry the pancakes as indicated in the Remarks.