1276 Jam omelet with bechamel cream sauce

Omlet s varen’em i s beshemelem iz slivok


  • 12–15 eggs
  • ¼ glass flour
  • 2 pieces sugar
  • 2 spoons butter
  • 2 glasses cream


Thoroughly beat 12–15 very fresh eggs. Butter a skillet, but not excessively, and pour on the beaten eggs in batches to make several thin pancakes. Flip each pancake onto a plate and, while the pancake is still hot, immediately spread it with jam (raspberry is best) and fold into fourths. When all the pancakes have been fried, arrange them in a circle around a platter. Keep them warm in the oven without letting them cool. Serve covered with a bechamel sauce made with cream. To make the sauce, stir together ½ spoon very fresh butter, ¼ glass flour, and 2 pieces sugar, and dilute with 2 glasses cream. Mix thoroughly and sprinkle with lemon zest, a little cinnamon, or vanilla. Boil thoroughly, pour over the pancakes (omlet), and serve.