1289 Real Siberian pel’meni

Nastojashchie sibirskie pel’meni


  • lbs beef, or 1 lb beef and ½ lb kidney suet
  • black pepper
  • 2 onions

For the dough

  • 3 glasses flour
  • 2 eggs


Using a knife, scrape lbs first-quality beef from the short loin. Add 1 finely chopped and squeezed-out raw onion, sieved black pepper, and salt. Use this filling to make pel’meni as indicated. If the beef is lean, use 1 lb beef and ½ lb finely chopped kidney suet. Boil the pel’meni in salted water or in bouillon in a separate saucepan. Serve the pel’meni in strong clear bouillon combined with some of the strained bouillon in which they boiled. Or, after removing the pel’meni from water with a slotted spoon, serve them separately on a platter with vinegar.

These pel’meni are best made the size of kolduny or shaped like small ears (ushki).

To serve pel’meni in bouillon, only half the amount of forcemeat and dough is needed.

Siberians prepare pel’meni for several occasions at once, sprinkling them lightly with flour so they do not stick together. Then they are frozen and boiled in salted boiling water as needed.