1321 Wafers with poppy seeds and honey

Laman’tsy s makom i medom


  • flour
  • 2 glasses poppy seeds
  • several bitter almonds
  • 1 spoon fast day oil
  • glass honey or sugar


Prepare a stiff dough from 1 spoon fast day oil, salt, 7 silver tablespoons water, and flour. Knead, roll out thinly, and arrange on a baking sheet strewn with flour. Cut into rectangles, like lazanki, with a sharp knife, and set in the oven to brown and dry out. Remove and break along the marked lines. Scald 2 glasses of white or, preferably, gray poppy seeds with boiling water, pour off the water, rinse in cold water, and drain. Grind the poppy seeds in a stoneware bowl with a wooden pestle until they whiten and all the seeds are mashed. Add glass of lime honey* or sugar and 1 ground bitter almond. Stir in nearly 1 glass boiling water. Transfer to a bowl, stud the top with the dried wafers placed upright, and serve. Or, 2 minutes before serving, arrange the wafers in a sieve and pour boiling water over them. Add them to the poppy seeds, mix, and serve immediately.

*Lime honey is made not from the citrus fruit but from the flowers of the linden tree (Tilia) which in bloom will perfume an entire neighborhood. According to the herbalist Mrs. M. Grieve, “honey from [linden] flowers is regarded as the best flavoured and the most valuable in the world.” (Grieve, A Modern Herbal, 485.) In France especially, its flowers and leaves are infused to make a kind of tea.