1333 Ordinary Smolensk buckwheat kasha not too thick for the children’s breakfast

Kasha obyknovennaja iz smolenskikh krup ne slishkom gustaja, podavaemaja detjam k zavtraku


(Proportions for 6 bowls):

a) In water: Bring 4 bottles water to a boil, pour on ½ lb, or glasses, Smolensk buckwheat, salt, and ¼ lb butter. Boil for a rather long time.

b) In milk: 3 bottles milk, glasses, or ½ lb, groats, salt, and lb butter.

This same kasha may be baked after adding 2 eggs, 2–3 pieces sugar, cinnamon, and ½–1 glass raisins. Serve at the table in the same saucepan. In this case, 2 bottles milk are sufficient.

c) In bouillon: 9 glasses bouillon, glasses groats, salt, and ½ spoon butter.