1362 Boiled cheese dumplings

Syrniki varenye


  • 3 lbs farmer’s cheese
  • 6 eggs
  • salt
  • (2–3 spoons sour cream)
  • 1 glass flour
  • nearly ½ lb butter
  • 2–3 rusks


Thoroughly beat 3 lbs of ordinary, freshly pressed farmer’s cheese in a stone-ware bowl. Add 1 spoon butter, salt, 6 eggs, and ½ glass flour. If the farmer’s cheese is very thick, add 2–3 spoons sour cream. Mix as well as possible and form into long, thick strips on a table strewn lightly with flour. Slice obliquely into pieces 1 vershok long. Drop them into salted boiling water, and when they float to the surface, transfer them with a slotted spoon onto a platter. Pour on 2–3 spoons melted butter fried with 2–3 pounded rusks.