1393 Pastry straws with fruit purée

Xhvorost zharenyj s marmeladom


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 glass flour
  • 1 glass milk
  • lbs fat or oil
  • glass fruit purée
  • 1 spoon sugar scraped with lemon zest


Prepare a dough from 2 eggs, 1 glass flour, 1 tablespoon sugar scraped with lemon zest,* and 1 glass milk. Just before serving, heat an iron mold for pastry straws** in hot fat or butter. Wipe with a napkin, dip in batter, and drop into the hot fat. When the batter has fried and colored, turn the pastry straws into a sieve. Redip the mold in the fat, then into the batter, and continue in this manner to the end. Before serving, spread the pastry straws with any kind of fruit purée, arrange in pairs, sprinkle with sugar, and serve hot.

*Since sugar was purchased in cones and not ground until needed, it was a common procedure for Molokhovets to scrape off the zest from a lemon or orange with a piece of hard sugar and then add the flavored sugar to the rest of the ingredients.

**This iron mold was like the Swedish rosette iron that is used to make fried batter cookies.