1425 Pistachio ice cream

Slivochnoe morozhenoe iz fistashek


  • ¼ lb pistachios
  • 3 glasses cream
  • 1 full spoon orange flower water
  • lb, or 1 full glass, sugar
  • ¾ vershok vanilla
  • 3–4 egg yolks
  • nearly ½ lb spinach
  • about 3 lbs salt


Shell ¼ lb pistachios, leaving the green inner skin. Pound in a mortar as fine as possible with 1 spoon orange flower water and stir in 3 glasses cream. Beat 3 egg yolks with sugar until white, mix with the cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla powder,* and stir on top of the stove until it thickens. Strain, rub through a sieve and, [for coloring,] add 1 spoon boiled spinach rubbed through a very fine sieve.

*Molokhovets did not explain how vanilla powder was made. Usually she used vanilla beans or vanilla-flavored sugar.